By | June 22, 2017

There have always been scientists and researchers looking for ways to increase the intellectual capacity of the human race. Additionally, there have been governments, militaries, and others also wanting to enhance brain power but sometimes for nefarious reasons. Lately, though, there has been a number science fiction movies and TV shows that have helped to bring the idea of cognitive enhancers into the mainstream. Studies are now showing that a huge percentage of college students are now using various methods to get better grades, learn more, stay more alert, and in the end, get better jobs. There are a lot of different ways to achieve various levels of enhancement, let’s take a look at t few.

There Are Everyday Foods That Are A Great Start

To begin with, there are a lot of things you can do in your everyday lifestyle that can enhance your cognitive ability without going to any great lengths. The first, of course, is to cut back on the alcohol that you drink, get plenty of real quality sleep, and then exercise at least some, every single day. Some studies have shown that just 20 minutes of brisk daily exercise in the morning is almost as good as any other thing you can do.

The next step is to eat a well-balanced diet that is high in vegetables, fruits, lean protein, nuts, fiber and whole grains. This is because many of the worst things for us are the same food items that tend to slow us down when we really need energy. A well-balanced diet will supply a steady stream of high-quality nutrients to the blood and then the brain, that will keep us alert, not drowsy, and mentally able to handle whatever comes our way. Avoiding processed meats and sugar can help us avoid the blood sugar spikes that make us sleepy and groggy every afternoon.

Many Cognitive Boosters Are Stimulants

When you start reading the labels of a large number of the advertised nootropics or alertness boosters you’ll find they’re loaded with caffeine or other natural stimulants. They still are somewhat effective in what they do, but they can also drop you off a cliff as soon as they wear off. You’ll need to learn to read labels to find all of the stimulants and the amounts some “all natural” products contain in order to be educated as to what you’re taking and how much. Plus, you’ll not want to spend a lot of money on supplements that are merely equal to a strong cup of coffee.

There are other cognitive enhancers that are not stimulants and are not food related either which might be a good idea to research. Nutrients such as choline and phosphatidylserine are well-known brain enhancers that are in lots of supplements as well. They help boost memory, reduce stress, and counteract cortisol which is an inflammatory protein involved in many stress reactions.

If you are just now becoming interested in nootropics or brain enhancers there is a lot of new information coming out every single day. Read lots of forums to see how others have found solutions, or been disappointed, with what they’ve tried and you’ll avoid some of their mistakes as well. Click here to check out the best nootropic stacks.